Healthy Leaders.
Healthy Performance.

Discover the power of Well-Being at Work.

Lead with physical and mental energy, to flourishing results.

The journey to healthy performance starts at the top. We focus on your leadership team.

« Do you want to build a healthy organization, which attracts and keep talents and produces healthy results?

Become a leader who cares. About yourself and your team. »

Dr. Bernhard Kaumanns
Founder of Leaders who care AG

Why healthy performance?

Companies can’t get the people they need,
and they are losing the employees they already have.

European employers, like organizations everywhere now, face the problem of high turnover – or employees who stay but are highly disengaged.

High turnover rates and long-term absence due to an unhealthy work environment result in low productivity and low inoovation.

79% of employees are likely to leave.

Source: McKinsey Report Dec 2022

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Great teams nurture trust, focus, energy, and purpose to stay healthy and performing.

Our roadmap to healthy performance

Successful companies need healthy employees.

We support you as a leader and a company to achieve high performance in the healthiest way.

At Leaders who care we work with you:

  • from creating Awareness,
  • to insides from Diagnostics and shaping your Strategy,
  • through the entire Transformation & Stabilization process.
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Our mission

At leaders who care, we firmly believe that workplace well-being is the cornertorne of healthy and sustainable performance. It starts at the top. Become a leader who cares, about yourself, your team, your organization.

Together we create your future fit culture that drives value, attracts talents and enables sustainable growth.

This is our mission, helping you to change your working life to become healthy while top performing. This is what drives us at leaders who care every day!

Why well-being

Discover the power of well-being at work

  • Keynotes
  • Executives impulse talks
  • Executive camp well-being experience

How to do

Change is a journey, not an event

  • Understanding your needs
  • Well-being assessment
  • Well-being strategy executive workshop
  • Well-being champions workshop
  • Well-being KPI board
  • Executive Coaching
  • Peer groups
  • Mentoring

What we offer

Your journey to well-being starts at the top

C-suite+ Journey
  • Diagnose-based, customized approach
Leadership team journey
  • Diagnose-based, customized approach

What can we do for you?

Contact us and let us talk about how to create your future fit culture.

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