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Dr. Bernhard Kaumanns

Founder of Leaders who care

My mission is to transform the world of working to become future fit through implementing a well-being@work culture. A working culture where well-being has become a strategic executive priority creates workplaces that are more healthy, more happy and accomplish more.

I base my approach on positive psychology, especially the PERMA+ model, include newest knowledge from Neuroscientific Education for mindset shaping and tigh into the principles of ZEN and mindfulness at work.

I am a physician, a seasoned Executive leader and a long-standing ZEN and Mindfulness practitioner. Everything I will be talking about is based in my own experiences, latest research and scientifically proven methodologies. I hold certificates from Standford Medical University in Well-being at work and in PERMA-Lead from Vienna based Dr. Ebner team, linked to the Universities of Vienna and Klagenfurt.

Make wellbeing at work the value driver.

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