Our roadmap to healthy performance

Our roadmap to healthy performance

Successful companies need healthy employees. We support you as a leader and a company achieving high performance in the healthiest way.

At Leaders who care we work with you:

  • from creating Awareness,
  • to insides from Diagnostics and shaping your Strategy,
  • through the entire Transformation & Stabilization process.


The more you know, the more you see

  • Understanding the current situation
  • Why well-being at work is making a difference

1 Diagnostics

Assessing your starting point

  • Collecting quantitative & qualitative data
  • Identifying & understanding your areas of potential

2 Strategy

Plan & Goals

  • Prioritizing results from diagnostics
  • Defining objectives, goals, plan and timelines

3 Transformation

Moving to healthy performance

  • Rolling out of program
  • 3 months transformation support

4 Stabilization

Stay healthy and high performing

  • Solidify learnings and behavioral changes
  • Tracking results

4a Check-in

Re-assessing and Fine-tuning

  • Follow-up assessment of implementation effectiveness
  • Do your initiatives need fine-tuning?

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